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The Capital



The recent capital of the Kingdom of Morocco since the French protectorate and one of its oldest cities, labelled recently the city of lights. It is known by the gorgeous Hassan Tower, the mythique Kasbah des Oudaya and Chellah ruins built by the Roman Empire and restored by the Muslim Marinid Dynasty. The old town of Rabat is also surrounded by a big wall and inside is a large market where you can find all sorts of food clothing tech and traditional artisans, leather, copper, wood and textile. the bouregreg river separate Rabat from it’s sister Salé also an old city with it’s old medina. across the river you must visit the traditional fishing port which is also the oldest link between Rabat and salé back in the days before building the bridges … and you still can cross the river by boat.

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Very passionate artisans with plenty of knowledge about their craftsmanship, Always smiling and happy to share, around the old Medina of Rabat

Enjoy food that you make in a fun atmosphere with locals and chefs on



Were ever you are in Morocco, we will try to offer you a unique Moroccan Workshop, to learn the how to.




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